Obama's Afghan Strategy

How do we get out of Afghanistan? Obama's Afghan strategy does not make this clear, at least for me. Maybe we should ask the Russians? I sure hope Afghanistan does not result in Obama's Vietnam as some have suggested. Why does history play such a small role in shaping foreign policy and planning military strategy? I sure have a lot of questions with no answers.

This evening's PBS Newshour interview with Envoy Richard Holbrooke and General David Petraeus did much to provide some answers. Worth listening to. Two impressive men who are forming a team that may get us someplace.

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Caroline said...

From what I can comprehend, which isn't much, I think the main goal is getting the Taliban. What his focus is in order to accomplish that is a bit out of my reach. I get the concepts but I don't understand how they will be fulfilled.

As for history...you are so right.