Is The Plain Dealer Wimpy About Chief Wahoo?

Through a letter to the editor and an e-mail to readers representative Ted Diadiun ( who incidentally is more of a newspaper defender rather than an ombudsman) I have attempted to secure some comment as to whether or not the Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo is a persona non-grata in The Plain Dealer sports pages ( my post Has The Chief Been Retired - 2/18/09). To date there has not been a hint as to what’s up. Mr. Diadiun is too busy defending comic strips and cartoons. The opinion pages are full of letters on earthshaking topics such as corrupt politics and rusting bridges. The sports writers pontificate about the Indians new digs in Goodyear , Arizona . No news of the Chief! No images of the Chief! Guess what? The script I has disappeared since I wrote my unpublished letter to the editor. Why is The Plain Dealer so wimpy about Chief Wahoo? Afraid of offending some baseball fans who hide their racism behind tradition? It is time for change (where have I heard that before?). Chief Wahoo must go to the Happy Hunting Grounds. It is time for The Plain Dealer to publish his obituary.

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