How To Survive The Great Recession

-Get a shoeshine box
-Learn to darn socks (
-Rollback technology in favor of more pick and shovels
-Invest in a good mattress not insured by the FDIC
-Have Madison Ave come up with some imaginative logos
-Bring back the WPA and the CCC
-Elect fewer Republicans
-Don't pave Wall Street
-Turn Main Street into a Boulevard
-Drink more beer and less scotch
-Turn off the TV
-Bring back "One Man's Family" on the radio
-Learn to roller skate or get a horse
-Become a vegetarian
-Last but not least get on AIG's board

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Erin O'Brien said...

You and me think alike!

Make a pan of slumgullion!

Or ... look for this week's Cleveland Scene and read a whole slew of my other "Recession Living" suggestions!