Is This The Year

The Cleveland Indians will finally win the World Series this year. Why this year? A surefire way to stimulate the economy in Northeast Ohio is for the Indians to have a championship year. To this end I understand that instead of adding a sorely needed pitcher to theit roster they added a lobbyist. The lobbyist was charged with getting stimulus money from Washington. Word is that the lobbyist was successful (don't tell Obama), and buried in the economic stimulus package is enough money for the Indians to buy a championship. What is that little voice telling me? Oh my, the lobbyist goofed! The money in the economic stimulus bill is not for the Cleveland Indians, its for The Iroquois Indians and its earmarked for a casino in New York State. Should have signed the pitcher. Wait until next year!

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Caroline said...

Maybe they should sign on Corbin Bernsen, Charlie Sheen and Tom Berringer. It worked before!