Heaven A Step Closer

For Catholics, Revival of Indulgences Moves Heaven a Step Closer - so blared the headline in this morning's paper. Evidently one can secure indulgences which shorten their time in Purgatory. Exactly how this is done is not very clear. Securing the services of a lawyer is probably the only way to navigate the religious red tape. Indulgences had all but disappeared in the Catholic church. According to one bishop they have been brought back because sin exists in the world. The implication is that we went through an era when sin was not a problem. Do these religious leaders take us for fools! It seems to me that for Catholics the revival of indulgences moves Heaven further away as they connive to secure thier passports out of Purgatory. Limbo has already been declared as non-existent by the Catholic Church. As Purgatory empties itself of sinners via indulgences , is it possible that there will be no further need of Purgatory?

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