Baseball's Steroid Problem

Apparently A-Rod will join the list of superstars suspected of using steroids. The Hall of Fame doors are slowly shutting on the likes of Bond, Clement, McGwire and maybe even A-Rod . There will certainly be others. Baseball has a big problem when it comes to tainted record breakers and their election to the Hall of Fame. In lieu of election to the Hall of Fame, I humbly offer these possible solutions for celebrating the careers of steroid using superstars :
  • establish a Steroid Era wing at Cooperstown reserved for players of the steroid era
  • award honorary degrees for extraordinary research in the use of performance enhancing drugs
  • establish a prize similar to the Academy Award for outstanding performance while under the influence of drugs

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Caroline said...

Option number two is my favorite. It sounds so... legitimate.

It's good to be back among the land of the reading and writing. I have much catching up to do, especially on your site. I've missed your sense of humor and, well, sense of sense! Marge still makes me smile. Both of you, keep up the great work!