Baseball Salaries

This time of year I usually start warming up to the coming baseball season. This year however there is a bit of chill in the air. Apparently there is no abatement in the astronomical salaries being commanded by baseball's "stars" which includes almost everyone but the bat boy. It is a little difficult to stomach in the face of soaring unemployment figures , a crumbling stock market and increasing home foreclosures. Does a call by the President for more responsibility and less greed apply to the sports world? Baseball would like us to believe that it is an essential part of our daily life and that it provides a needed diversion in bad times. One of these days there will be a wake up call (would they have the gall to ask for a bailout), in the meantime I must confess that I'm looking forward to Spring training.

( Is reality beginning to set in? Abreu, others, might soon swallow pride -Buster Olney's SI blog)

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