Santa Is A Politician

I've always been a little suspect of Santa Claus. I finally figured out why. Santa is a politician! A very successful one. No matter what the economic times are he is always smiling and assures everyone that as long as you have been good there is something in his sleigh for you. The problem is that he can't possibly deliver on his promises. Have you ever seen his sleigh? There's hardly enough room for Santa and one measly bag of goodies. So who gets the goodies? No one. They never leave his sleigh. All the goodies are recyclable. Santa returns them to the North Pole where Santa's elves will repackage them for the next year. This year they are being repackaged as an economic stimulus package and might actually be delivered. That is if Santa can get a Federal bridge loan to retool his crumbling workshop. How does Santa maintain his popularity- he smiles , waves , promises us better times and makes us feel good. He may be a con artist - oops, politician - but he is a lovable one.

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