The End Is Near

When I chose " the End Is Near" as a title I had in mind less than four weeks until Election Day. It could also indicate a nightmare where McCain/Palin emerge victorious. Then indeed the end will be near. On the more positive side, hopefully the next few weeks will fly by. I'm tired of Campaign 2008. Much too long. Too long on negative campaigning, too short on realistic programs. I anticipated that the Republicans would manufacture an October surprise . If Palin was that surprise I'll bet they want to put her back in the Cracker Jack box. The Republicans did however unintentionally generate a blockbuster surprise - the financial crisis! Try as they may, they can't put that back in the Cracker Jack box. Not surprisingly,the financial crisis has given Obama a chance to demonstrate to the country that good judgement trumps experience any time. Its beginning to look like Barack Obama will take up residence in the White House and that is what this country needs .

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