Flip Fop - So What!

Barack Obama created a bit of a stir when he opted out of public financing for his general campaign. Predictably the media and of course the Republicans accused him of flip flopping (last November Obama indicated that he would participate in public financing). I must admit that at first I was disappointed that he had flip flopped. Upon further reflection I have concluded that too much is made of flip flopping. I would agree that a frequent change in opinions or policies is an indication of weakness and indecisiveness. But what is wrong if one changes course when new information indicates that a previous position was no longer the proper course of action. Such change may be characterized as flip flopping but so what. If it is the right thing to do so be it. Back in November Obama's tremendous ability to draw the financial support of small contributors was unclear. Today its a strength which makes it competitive with the Republicans ingenuity in circumventing the rules of public financing. Strength should never be abandoned even if it evokes accusations of flip flopping. Obama has proven that he can make hard decisions.

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