Voting Can Be Dangerous For Your Health

In our household support for the Democratic presidential candidates is split. I support Obama while my high primal thinker spouse supports Clinton. I realize that this makes our household vote meaningless but nevertheless showing support in the ballot box is important. Early this morning preparations were made to cast our votes in the Ohio primary. In spite of a recent illness I felt well enough to go to the polls as long as my spouse drove me. The weather outdoors was miserable- rain and ice! Still it was worth the sacrifice for me to venture out and cast a vote for our future president. All the preparations were made when a sweet voice announced, " Honey, its awful slippery out there. I don't think you should take a chance on falling. Why don't you rest. I'll go vote then fix you a snack when I return." I couldn't believe my ears. A Hillary supporter making a case for my not voting because of my health. To make a long story short the tactic did not work. Although she parked in the iciest part of the parking lot I made it to the polling place and cast my vote for Obama. Unfortunately my loving spouse negated my vote with a vote for Clinton!

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