Why The Silence?

Deadly Friday! An angry shooter kills five at a City Council meeting in Kirkwood, Missouri. A 23 years old woman shot and killed two fellow students at a vocational college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Missouri shooter is shot by police, the student turns her gun on herself. Add to these highly publizied shootings the countless other killings by guns which occur hourly. One wonders what our politicians mean by security for Americans. I guess its security from terrorists not security from gun toting deranged, digruntled and just plain stupid Americans. Why the silence in the current presidential campaigns concerning gun control? The answer of course is that the candidates dare not raise the ire of the gun lobby lest they lose a few precious votes. Gun control will never be achieved until the majority of the population decides that security is needed from thugs and lunatics as well as terrorists. One of these days instead of candidates running adds picturing their hunting skills , someone instead will have the courage to tell the National Rifle Association that their lobbying goes too far and threatens the United States not unlike Al Queada. By the way, when will our wimpy Supreme Court rise to the occasion and clarify the Second Amendment?

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