About New Years Day

Today’s paper is full of articles about making New Year resolutions and with predictions about what the New Year will bring. I have never succumbed to the practice of making resolutions so adhering to them is a burden I have conveniently avoided. I have been guilty however of wondering what a New Year might hold in store for me. Dallying with what might or might not happen was over within twenty-four hours. Wondering is not very productive but musing can have positive results. Musing about New Years Day led me to the conclusion that there is a time in life when every day is actually a “New Years Day”. Waking up in the morning and making the most of each day is resolve enough. Realizing that each day is not only a beginning but possibly an end is sobering and calls for celebrating each day. So Happy New Year today, tomorrow and the day after. Happy New Year all year long!

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