Another Gun Tragedy

The Omaha, Nebraska shooting was the latest in a series of mass killings that have plagued the United States. Once again we will turn a deaf ear towards effective gun control. The White House said it was a "terrible tragedy." That’s about as far as Bush will take the issue. Not surprisingly little is heard about gun control in the presidential debates. No one wants to alienate the “sportsmen” voting bloc a.k.a. the NRA (The next time a candidate slips in a comment about how he likes to hunt I'm going to throw up). We cringe at the violence in Iraq but accept the everyday gun violence on our streets. Will one of the presidential candidates please come forward and propose a program for effective gun control or do we need more massive tragedies before a voice is heard. The Supreme Court is taking up the issue but considering the make-up of the Court I wouldn't hold my breath for anything positive other than some rhetoric about the right to bear arms.

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