Pessimism And Hope

According to a Reuters/Zogby poll released today, Americans are entering the holiday season in a dark mood, with economic worries, security fears and a lack of confidence in government. No one bothered to ask me but I fully concur. The sub prime mortgage fiasco, the falling dollar, the Iraq quagmire, the saber rattling over Iran’s nuclear activities, Putin giving us the finger, Chavez giving us the finger, Ahmadinejad giving us the finger, the rising cost of healthcare, the Middle East tinder box - where does it all stop! Like most Americans my pessimism is growing. The White House is focused - focused on pursuing the Iraq War and engaging Iran in some sort of confrontation. The Congress is not focused. There are no leaders in Congress gifted with the art of persuasion and compromise, aka bipartisanship. We need change in our government . We need a visionary in the White House. Will a leader emerge capable of igniting hope that the decline of The United States of America can be halted? I think so ! He is already making his voice heard.

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