Spinning September 15th

September 15th is around the corner and we will soon have the long awaited report ( September Song And Dance) from General Petraeus on the status of the Iraq War. The White House has been spinning the hell out of the issue the last several weeks, so much so that we hardly need a report. The answer is that the status is fluid and the strategy is successful on one hand and unsuccessful on the other hand. Even the so called Iraqi government has joined in on the spin. Would you believe it, Al-Maliki has averted civil war! And then we have the coming anniversary of 9/11 which I'm sure will be turned into the annual opportunity to justify the Iraq War ( when will we stop politicizing 9/11). The report due on 9/15 will settle nothing. The Iraq War issue will not be settled by the military. The war will continue until the Democratic Congress decides to test the will of the electorate by taking a no nonsense approach to ending the war. I doubt that there is enough courage amongst the Senators and Congressmen for this to happen. Ultimately the Commander-In- Chief is the only one who can bring the war to an end and this will not happen for at least another sixteen months.

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