Iraq Will Continue To Be A Mess

I did not watch Bush speak this evening! What has already been released about his speech is enough to make me shudder about his Iraq "strategy" . "The frat" president is fixing it so that we will be occupying Iraq for years. The long awaited reports about progress in Iraq are close to my Spinning September15th post. We are stuck there as long as this man is President. I have come to the conclusion that this has something to do about preserving his questionable legacy. If we leave Iraq, Iran will seize control of Iraq. Georgie wouldn't want to be remembered as the President who lost the Middle East and its reserves of oil.

A rapid pullout from Iraq will not happen unless a feasible alternative to the strategy that Bush wants to pursue is found. Could that be to aggressively pursue a political solution that will split Iraq into three autonomous states as Joe Biden proposed months ago?

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