Did They Cross The Line?

The full page ad placed by moveon.org in the NY Times smearing General Patreus ( or General Betray - Us as he was referred to in the ad) has led me to believe that as a political entity they crossed the line. I abhorred the swift boating of John Kerry in the 2004 campaign and in my opinion moveon.org has sunk into the same gutter as the extreme right.

The beginnings of moveon.org in response to the impeachment of President Clinton held promise for an effective political entity and indeed they helped propel Democrats to power in 2006. Unfortunately the power that moveon.org has gained has resulted in their advocating extreme positions with no room for compromise or pragmatism. They are hurting the Democrats who are being held hostage by moveon.org's political contributions. It will be interesting to see how the Democratic candidates handle this issue.

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