About Longevity

Longevity, blessing or curse? As today’s septuagenarians and octogenarians bathe themselves in a fountain of wonder drugs yielding the results of the oft sought fountain of youth , families and the country are faced with an aging population the proportions of which were never fully anticipated. Both face challenges they would rather not have.

The curse? Savings are being depleted. Globalization is forcing corporations to reconsider pension and healthcare commitments. An aging population cries out for social reforms but the Congress shies away from doing anything about Social Security and Medicare ( its an election year which will be followed by another election year and then another) leaving confusion in its wake. Insurance companies feverishly update their actuarial tables ( and premiums). A generation which once looked forward to their golden years now suspect that those years may be a bit tarnished. With seniors running around displaying bumper stickers such as “ I’m Spending My Children’s Inheritance” and the government reluctant to face up to the problems of an aging population the question comes up “ who in hell is going to take care of these geezers?”.

Fortunately the geezers have not all succumbed to dementia , Alzheimer or denial. They either have or are making plans to cope with the limitations of old age. The lofty objective is to fend for themselves with a little help and understanding from family (should there be an off year perhaps the politicos will do their share to help). Optimistically the young geezers and the old geezers will reach some accommodation as to how they can co-exist and make those golden years survivable. As for the wonder drugs, they have their limitations. The aging process will not be denied - life will end!

Longevity a blessing? Of course! Longevity permits one to watch their children succeed in this world. Longevity permits one to watch his granddaughters grow into lovely young ladies. Longevity permits one to proudly proclaim, I have a great-grandson! Longevity permits one to marvel at and use technological advances once thought improbable. Longevity gives one the opportunity to grow old gracefully with a loving spouse and family.

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