You Can't Handle The Truth

Baseball, you can’t handle the truth! According to news reports, Commissioner Bud Selig likely will decide within two weeks whether to discipline Giambi. Why? He told the truth! In an interview with USA TODAYJason Giambi all but admitted that he has used steroids and called “players, ownership, everybody” to task for not apologizing about the steroid scandal which has stained modern day baseball. So for that he’s invited to the Principal's office ( a.k.a. as the Commissioner’s office) for a little talk. The Boss (Steinbrenner) claims that he should have kept his mouth shut. This really instills confidence in baseball fans that Baseball is ready to implement measures which will restore some sort of respect for individual and team achievements.

(Go for it Barry Bonds, no one cares any any more! When you eclipse poor sober Hank Aaron's home run record it will really be a non-event unless you get invited to the Principal's office for a chat.)

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