About Poetry

Recently a poet asked me to critique a poem which she wrote on the spur of the moment. My reaction was “this is good ,but its dark and depressing”. Her response was “that’s what poetry is all about. You write about how you feel”. At the time she was depressed and the words of her poem exquisitely reflected her feelings without verbosity. I realized at the time why I have never written a poem. Poetry represents the soul of literature and as such requires that the poet sheds all inhibitions as he probes his innermost feelings. Poetry is beautiful and can say in a very few expressive words what a lengthy essay attempts to say.

I search for words
And I'm repulsed at every turn
I have something to say
But my soul says nay

Tongue tied I am
With my soul I can't communicate
Was it something I ate
Or something I forgot
Oh yes, a poet I am not

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