Superpower Or Superleader

A superpower has been defined as a state with the first rank in the international system and has the ability to influence events and project power on a worldwide basis. A superpower possesses and wields economic power, military power, political power and cultural power. Great Britain and the Soviet Union were once superpowers. Today, the United States is recognized as the world’s only superpower (in the wings are China and India as potential superpowers). But when is a superpower not a superpower?

  • When arrogance replaces diplomacy
  • When it forsakes its reponsibility to promote peace
  • When it neglects to seek solutions to domestic problems
  • When it destroys its manufacturing base in favor of a service economy
  • When it alienates the countries of the world
  • When it allows other countries to dictate its foreign policy
  • When it takes its neighbors for granted

As the United States continually alienates the nations of the world we increasingly look like more of a bully rather than a superpower. Because of failed diplomacy we have troops spread out all over the world. Ancient Rome also had legions all over the world. If I am not mistaken this started the decline of the Roman Empire. Furthermore, how long can this country reign as a superpower as it allows the output of it's R & D and engineering to be labeled "Made in CHINA"? Now we are told that China will soon be a leading exporter of automobiles and is rapidly moving towards status as a superpower. Should this occur, what happens to our national debt which is heavily financed by China? It would seem that if China truly emerges as a superpower, the United States will be at a disadvantage in competing with China. Still the outlook need not be so bleak if this country marshals its scientific strengths and entrepreneurship to create an environment in this country which is friendly towards the needs of its citizens - new industries, jobs. The United States should devote more leadership, energy and creative diplomacy to achieve peace in the Middle East . The United States should set an example for the world by instituting “green “ practices in spite of short sighted opposition from some segments of the corporate world. The United States should discard its adversarial attitude toward the United Nations and take the lead in making the United Nations a more effective organization. We do not need superpowers in this world. We need “SUPERLEADERS”!

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Caroline said...

I have to go to work, but I can't wait to come back tonight and the time to really read your latest blogs. I truly enjoy them as they give me something to contemplate. I'm working on several myself but I have not had the time to put into polishing them. Plus, I'm still recouping from the cat bite, didn't realize that would take so long to heal. Have a great weekend. Caroline