On Aging (La Vecchiaia)

Talk to a senior and in the course of the conversation all too often are heard the words “ it comes with old age”, or “ I’m old, what do you expect”. Aging does highlight one’s ailments, frustrations and shortcomings. I believe it was Betty Davis who said “growing old is not for sissies”. How true, but it does not mean that machismo is a requirement for dealing with the problems of aging. The alternative to aging is death! Considering oneself fortunate to continue on with life goes a long way toward accepting the challenges that aging brings. One must deal with the health problems recognizing that immortality is not ours to have. One must recognize that things could have been done differently in the past and then quickly get back to the present and accept today’s challenges. One must accept the frailty of old age and accommodate to the resulting limitations. One must strive to maintain independence but be open to receiving help when frailty and illness dictate a change in lifestyle.. Most of all , one must abandon self pity , embrace all that life has to offer and be resigned to that which life deems is not ours to have.

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